HOLLYWOOD PROFILE-WOODY ALLEN A film by Georg Stefan Troller

If it is possible to have a true symbiosis between a person and a city, then the relationship between Woody Allen and New York must be exactly that. Whether as actor, writer, director or neurotic, Allen is in love with this giant, hurtling metropolis, and without his fast pace, he would probably fall asleep within just a few minutes. While he is known mainly as a comedian in his own country, European audiences tend to see his psychologically screwy, comic films as pure genius. Woody Allen himself works hard to make clear that he is not the same person as his on-screen persona.








Author and Director Georg Stefan Troller

Director of Photography Claus Gottschall

Sound Mixer Frank Heidbrink

Editor Gaby Kull-Neujahr

Music Thomas Osterhoff, Harald Kloser

Technical Supervisor Bjoern Jensen

Production Manager Conny Schwarz, Ira Sircar

Coproducer Simone Stewens (BR)

Producer Joerg Bundschuh


A Kick Film production in coproduction with BR

"You can see that by talking to me, that I’m serious and I’m not particularly amusing. I’m not incompetent in everything I do, or I’m not surrounded by endlessly funny situations whereas in the screen I’m always in funny situations or always making funny remarks, or trying to anyhow. You run from a person who’s trying to be funny all the time".

Woody Allen

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