WIM WENDERS A film by Peter Buchka

Author and Director Peter Buchka

Director of Photography Claus Gottschall

Sound Mixer David Heinemann, Björn Jensen, Oliver Lumpe

Editor Matthias Bauer, Alexander Rupp

Music Thomas Osterhoff

Production Manager Björn Jensen, Jutta Göller

Co-Producer Hubert von Spreti (BR)

Producer Jörg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with BR

Wim Wenders requires no introduction. Following Fassbinder’s death and Alexander Kluge’s retirement from theatrical filmmaking, Wim Wenders is without a doubt the most significant and internationally-renowned film director in Germany. Many of his films, most importantly "Alice in den Städten", "Im Lauf der Zeit", "Der Stand der Dinge", and "Himmel über Berlin" are milestones in new German film history. Wenders is not only special due to his unique ability to precisely describe the awareness of the German post-war generation through all its evolutions, but because he has articulated these studies in a reflective relationship to his metier, story-telling and creating images. Wenders‘ films are in the tradition of the European Bildungsroman. His road movies transfer trhe romatic figure of the traveller to the present day. This expresses his untiring search for a meaningful life, which breaks about of the constrains of Germany to discover the world in both senses of the word, and to find a contemporary meaning for the word ‚home‘ in strange lands. And home for Wenders is always filmmaking itself. This is always the problem at the core of his narrative – the problem of dealing adequately with images in a time when we are overwhelmed with images. He constantly tests the truth of longing and reality, the 8invisible and the visible, and puts them into critical relation to (film) history. The earnestness with which Wenders has based his stories in history for almost twenty-five years, weaving ‚story‘ and ‚history‘ into one another, and the fantasy that allows him to constantly invent new images for the same problem make this German filmmaker one of the most important contemporary author-directors.

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