THE HEAVENLY TWINS A film by Rainer Langhans und Christa Ritter

Author and Director Christa Ritter, Rainer Langhans

Director of Photography Rainer Langhans, Hans Fromm

Sound Mixer Stefan Schindler, Jörg Richter

Editor Alexander Rupp

Production Manager Michael Horn

Co-Producer Alexander Wesemann (WDR)

Producer Jörg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with WDR, financially supported by Filmbüro NW

Gisela and Jutta are identical twins from germany. In the "Summer of love" they go to Rome, wehre they meet Paul Getty III. The three of them become true-life companions. They make plans to get money in order to realize their big dream of freedom and happiness. With: Jutta Winkelmann, Gisela Getty, Paul Getty III, Dennis Hopper, Leonard Cohen, Rainer Langhans, Irm Hermann, Uschi Obermaier, Werner Herzog, Sean Penn und Timothy Leary

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