THE HAUNTED SCREEN A film by Peter Buchka
"The Haunted Screen" is a film essay by the renowned film critic Peter Buchka on Germany's greatest contribution to international film history: the cinema films of the 1920s. It is a gripping collage composed of original footage from the famous movies of that epoch, which have never been this fully documented before. "The Haunted Screen" tells the story of the artificial people, the doubles, and the dark sides of humanity which marked the intrusion of the "subconscious" into film. The Expressionist film takes the "underworld" in its modern-day sense quite literally: as a criminal milieu in which insane geniuses ruling from unknown places make preparations for world domination. Nosferatu, Mabuse and Caligari are all very similar in their disregard for the individual and the way they degrade everyone into total submission in order to realize their hybristic plans. During the 1920s bourgeois cinema audiences were faced with a distorting mirror: suddenly the world was thrown off-balance, perspectives changed, terra firma trembled underfoot, and the barriers between waking and dreaming were steadily dismantled. Chasms opened up, there was a widespread fear of anything sexual, and an almost greater one of restlessness, of exile and of the absence of any settled form of existence. People were only too aware of the fact that a similar fate was looming ahead of them, quite simply because the age of fixed order was over for good. In the cyberspace age, the concepts of "counterworld" and "underworld" are envisioned in a new and different manner. The way in which reality penetrates these fantastic artificial worlds of the machine age, and the accompanying intrusion into everyday reality of artificial images and thoughts, throws a contemporary light on the relevance of this fascinating artistic epoch.

Author and Director Peter Buchka

Editor Alexander Rupp

Narrator Georg Stefan Troller

Composer Gert Wilden jr.

Line Producer Jutta Goeller

Coproducer Hubert von Spreti (BR)

Producer Joerg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with BR

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