THE GERMANS A film by Georg Stefan Troller

Author and Director Georg Stefan Troller

Director of Photography Claus Gottschall

Sound Mixer Walter Tietze

Editor Elfi Kreiter

Music Thomas Osterhoff

Line Producer Bjoern Jensen

Coproducer Hubert von Spreti (BR), Beate Schoenfeldt (MDR), Hartmut Klenke (Premiere), Beate Raabe (IN)

Producer Joerg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with BR, MDR, Premiere

What is the post-reunification German identity, the contemporary German culture? Troller and his team traveled back and forth through "Transgermania" (as it is known abroad) for a year. A trip through a country with no lowest common denominator? An inspection of the current states of mind in Germany: Films, cities and villages, carnevals and Oktoberfest, workers, artists and the upper class. Troller and his team attended the wedding of a black man to a wealthy Munich woman (whose father was pleased she hadn´t married a Prussian); they attended an ecumenical animal mass (do the Germans love animals more than people?), they spoke with chimney-sweeps, whores, daredevil drivers, bums, violent students, neo-Nazis, and many others. Germany´s intellectual elite is not absent, either. From Günther Grass to Heiner Müller, Doris Dörrie to Reich-Ranicki; All were asked their feelings about the German identity and their own, about the past and hopes for the future. Uncomfortable questions, questions posed by a filmmaker who has never lived in Germany, and who saw many parts of it for the first time during this trip. But as Tucholsky once said, "The only standpoint from which a critic of culture can truly see a country is from the outside."

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