THE EGG IS A SHITTY GIFT OF GOD A film by Dagmar Wagner

Author and Director Dagmar Wagner

Director of Photography Igor Luther

Sound Mixer Eckhardt Hellmich, Titus Lange

Editor Clara Fabry

Music Heinz Grobmeier, Thomas Hahner

Production Manager Dieter Horres

Supervising Producer Michael Horn

Co-Producer Urs Aebersold (BR)

Producer Jörg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with BR

Financially supported by Bavarian Filmfund, Filmfund Hesse and the Committee of young german movies

10.000 square meters of Bavarian madness. Funny and tragical. Within this idyll: A haven for dropouts. Bavaria as no one knows it. No postcard could take it. The leading figure in this "epic feature documentary" is a 77-year old farmer's wife, a fossil, a real Bavarian character. Josef, her eldest son, always wanted to be in charge of the farm. He has driven his father out and now runs the place himself. What had formerly been an illegal distillery is now a shelter for those seeking refuge and for dropouts. Next door is a classy country restaurant for Munich´s VIPs. Josef's mother is the only one who has not left the farm still taking care of the animals. The Egg is a Shitty Gift of God received the Bavarian Film Award and was a tremendous theatrical success running in a Munich theatre for more than 12 months and ranking as one of the four most successful German films that year. Bavarian Film Award 1993

Muenchner Merkur: "Movie entertainment of its best" Sueddeutsche Zeitung: "A hit" Muenchner Abendzeitung: "30º C" (highest grade) "My personal preference" Hamburger Morgenpost: "Mark A" Koelner Stadtanzeiger: "A movie miracle" Bild: "The Egg .... conquers Germany"

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