THE BIG DAY A film by Jo Baier
Waltraut Martina Gedeck Ritschi Heio von Stetten Sepp Joerg Hube Fanny Erna Wassmer Erika April Hailer and more Director Jo Baier Author Ruth Toma Director of Photography Christian Reitz Sound Mixer Tomas Bastian Editor Clara Fabry Music Thomas Osterhoff Supervising Producer Bjoern Jensen Co-Producer Ingeborg Janiczek (ZDF) Producer Joerg Bundschuh A Kick Film production in coproduction with ZDF Financially supported by FFF Bayern
"The Big Day" is a romantic comedy about marriage and a generation determined to do things as differently as possible from their parents. All was supposed to be beautiful: Waltraud thought to marry her longtime boyfriend Ritschi with a big party in Munich to reckonin her mother. Waltrauds parents live on the Bavarian countryside where they run a little butchers shop. Her mother Fanny does her utmost to convice her daughter to marry in her hometown with the blessing of the church – as is proper. On the wedding day, both the traditional butcher family and the city friends of Waltraud bounce against each other. What was supposed to be "the most beautiful day" ends as a disaster: Waltraud and Ritschi consider their divorce. FAZ: "It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a human comedy that is this right on the mark and which has so much loving attention to detail. Absurdity goes hand-in-hand with the deeply disturbing here. Hilariously funny and very touching.” Bavarian TV-Award 1996 Best Comedy

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