7 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER A film by Karsten Scheuren
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September 30, 2012, German mountaineer Benedikt Böhm set a new world

record. With just 2.5 liters of water, 20 power gels and no bottled oxygen, Böhm

needed less than 15 hours to complete the 3,300-m climb from base camp to the

8,163-m peak of Manaslu in Nepal.


SEVEN DAYS IN SEPTEMBER tells the adventurous story of two exceptional mountaineers,

Benedikt Böhm and his partner Sebastian Haag. Of their friendship and their

rivalry, and of their desire to risk everything, including their familial responsibilities.

What drives people to risk their lives again and again?


SEVEN DAYS IN SEPTEMBER also tells the tale of those who set out with the same vision

but whose lives changed forever on that fateful day, for example Rémy Lécluse.

How does someone who has witnessed such a tragedy take such a risk? Is the return

to the mountains delusional or is it a cure? What does it mean for the bereaved to

love a person whose passion seems to be contrary to all rationality? Finally, the film

tells the story of Greg Hill, who decided against the ascent and for the safe return to

his family. Was it an instinctive decision or was it a deliberation and soon pushed into

the background again by the inner desire and passion of these extreme athletes?

The film takes a cautious look at the very personal stories that occurred at Manaslu.

The filmmaker's goal was to explore the disaster, not in a speculative way, but with

the respect due to the people who shared this fascinating but life-threatening adventure

on that fateful day in September 2012.

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