NIGHT ON FIRE A film by Markus Fischer

Peter Keller Bruno Ganz

Uta Schwengeler Barbara Auer

Tob Rolf Hoppe

Josef Zingg Ueli Jäggi

Margarete Suzanne von Borsody

Josua Dietmar Schönherr

and more

Director Markus Fischer

Author Rosemarie Fendel, Markus Fischer

Director of Photography Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein

Sound Mixer Jürg von Allmen

Editor Markus Fischer

Music Markus Fritzsche

Line Producer Freddy Messmer

Producer Jörg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with ZDF, SRG

The world’s highest concentration of Muslims is in Southeast Asia. Indonesia alone has 240The investigation of a case of rape and homicide of a young woman leads Keller (Bruno Ganz), a painter living in Berlin, back to his native village in the Swiss Emmental. The more Keller becomes entangled in this case, which – at the beginning seemed to be a clear case of rape and murder, the more apparent become the ruptures in the seemingly harmless idyll of the village. In the narrowness and hermetic seclusion of the village, where almost everybody is either a relative and/or an enemy of the other, coalitions are formed in the fight for power and money. For the intruder Peter Keller it becomes increasingly difficult to find his way through these structures. Keller investigates between the front-lines. he uncovers plots about power and money and becomes more and more threatening for the people in the village – and they let him feel it. The only ones who seem to support him are the members of a community of outsiders, above all Uta (Barbara Auer) – a strange love story begins. Although Keller's search for the true murderer of Eva Drechsel is successful the corrupt village community itself determines who suits them as the murderer.

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