WANTED - MONIKA ERTL A film by Christian Baudissin

Author and Director Christian Baudissin

Director of Photography Joerg Schmidt-Reitwein

Sound Mixer Armin Fausten

Editor Rudi Reinbold

Music Miklos Rosza

Producer Joerg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with ZDF

Financially supported by Filmfoerderungsanstalt und Hamburger Filmbuero

In 1971 her name stood on the Wanted List – on account of murder for political aims. Who was Monika Ertl? Daughter of the German filmmaker Hans Ertl, she grew up in Bolivia after emigration from post World War Two Germany, married a German engineer and began an involvement in social issues, becoming a follower of Che Guevara after her divorce. In 1973 Monika Ertl was shot by followers of the notorious war criminal Klaus Barbie, her so-called uncle, during an attempt to kidnap him. Regis Debray dedicated a book to her. Costa-Graves wanted to film her life story with Romy Schneider as Monika – it was to remain a project. "Wanted: Monika Ertl" is the first documentary film about her life: a courageous, uncompromised, tragic story, portrayed through the eyes of her family and her fellow political fighters.

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