LOVE IN HOLLYWOOD A film by Georg Stefan Troller

Author and director Georg Stefan Troller

Director of Photography Bernd Meiners, John Knoop

Sound Mixer Andrew Black

Editor Romy Schumann

Assistant Editor Kirsten Peters, Kriss Schröppel

Music Harald Kloser, Hervé Legrand

Production Office Skye Everly, Rachel Rector

Prouction Manager Roy Joselow

Unit Production Manager John Michaels

Supervising Producer Marianne Beck, Björn Jensen

Producer Jörg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with BR

Hollywood is booming as never before. Films continue to break box office records, and the biggest stars are asking for as much as thirty million dollars per film. Sixty percent of box office profits no longer come from movie theaters in the USA, but are earned from distribution in foreign countries. Earlier it was said that 'as Hollywood thinks, so thinks America', but Hollywood's influence has expanded to reach even the farthest corners of the Third World. Most people no longer just 'think' as they are told to think by Hollywood, they also unconsciously act, dress, speak and deal with terrestrial and alien attacks according to the dictates of Hollywood films. Yet Hollywood's strongest influence is also its most subtile; the one it exercises on our intimate emotional life. The relationship between the sexes, how we love and in particular our sense of the erotic. "Romance is out" laments Dino de Laurentiis, producer of love stories such as La Strada and Romeo and Juliet, before the camera. The director of Tootsie, Sydney Pollack, states that, "Our films used to be carried by the suspense about how the would end. Now the audience wants to get straight to the climax of the love story. That might be in keeping with the times, but it is not in keeping with our dreams." The stars have undergone changes, too. While they were once expected to possess glamour, charm and character, they are now expected to have all these and physical perfection as well. As if, according to palstric surgeon Raj Kanodia, lips and breasts should be modeled to fit each new role. The question here is: How has love changed in Hollywood, and how does Hollywood change the way we look at love? Numerous entertainment celebrities such as Charlton Heston, Hugh Grant, Jane Russell, Jay Leno, Oliver Stone, Peter Bogdanovich, Steven Seagal, Roseanne, Burt Reynolds, Carmen Elektra and others speak before the camera as well as salespeople, passers-by, streetwalkers and lonely people who bury their beloved house pets. A film about love, and unique city of Hollywood.

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