J J CALE - TO TULSA AND BACK A film by Jörg Bundschuh

Author and Director Jörg Bundschuh

Cinematographer Roland Wagner

Sound Mixer Björn Jensen

Editor Carmen Kirchweger

Live Recording Mixer Paul McManus, David M. Teegarden

Live Recording Remixer J.J. Cale

Production Manager Franz Hirner

Supervising Producer Björn Jensen

Associate Producer Bonnie Ashworth, Klaus Frers

Co-Producer Mike Kappus

Producer Jörg Bundschuh


Eine Produktion von Kick Film GmbH

He was a legend wrapped in mystery whose records and persona have earned him a devoted cult following worldwide. J.J. Cale has quietly made a major impact on rock music but remains an enigma as perhaps the most unpretentious man in popular music. Although he has written some of the biggest rock hits ever and is regularly offered major concert dates, he lived for years in a trailer away from the public eye taking years off between recordings and performances. J.J. Cale is credited with creating the Tulsa Sound, a laid back mix of Rock'n' Roll, Country, Blues and Jazz. When Mojo Magazine asked Eric Clapton which other musician he would most like to be, he answered "Cale", calling him "one of the masters of the last three decades of music." Neil Young is quoted in his biography Shakey as saying "He´s so sensitive. Of all the players I ever heard, it's gotta be Hendrix and J.J. Cale who are the best electric guitar players." Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler also admits to having based their sound on Cale’s unique style. Among Cale's devoted fans are musicians of all generations, such as Willie Nelson, Tom Petty and Widespread Panic. J.J.Cale is a musician's musician. While Clapton had two of his biggest hits with Cale’s After Midnight and Cocaine, other artists as varied as Johnny Cash, the Allman Brothers, Brian Ferry, Captain Beefheart, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana, Jerry Garcia, Deep Purple and many more have covered Cale songs such as Call Me The Breeze, Anyway The Wind Blows, Cajun Moon, Call the Doctor, Crazy Mama, Magnolia, Sensitive Kind, Travelin Light. For the first time, Cale has agreed to have a film made about his music, his life and career. The documentary follows him and his band through six American states on his To Tulsa and Back Tour. JJ Cale passed away in July 2013.

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