ISLAMIC ECONOMICS - FROM BAZAR TO WALL STREET A film by Jörg Bundschuh, Matthias Heeder
Author and Director Jörg Bundschuh, Matthias Heeder Idea Pria Viswalingam Director of Photography Roland Wagner Sound Ralf Richter Editor Carmen Kirchweger Composer Gert Wilden jr. Production Manager Moritz Bundschuh Line Producer Franz Hirner Co-Producer Philip Nelson, Fork Films Producer Jörg Bundschuh A Kick Film production in coproduction with ZDF, SRF, arte Financially supported by FFF Bayern
Champions of Islamic Finance are thoroughly convinced that “Islam” and “modern” are not contradictions. Far more than the Western capitalist system, the religious parameters taken from the Quran and Sharia law form the basis for a system that places focus on ethical values, equitable division of risk, and the support of economically disadvan- taged members of society. From the old bazaars of Istanbul and the new, religion-driven entrepreneurs and so-called “Islamic Calvinists” of Anatolia, to the sparkling skyscrapers of Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Islamic Finance is indeed playing an increasingly significant role in society. FROM BAZAR TO WALL STREET looks behind the scenes, introducing not just the as- piring entrepreneurs but also the common workers. From the corporate law firms of London, Europe’s center of Islamic Finance, to the experts and key figures of the Gulf States and Europe, we find out more about the differences, similarities, and problems within a system that Western economists believe will have a decisive influence on the 21st century. The scholars of Islamic law determine which financial models are “halal” (permitted) according to the Quran, and which ones are “haram” (forbidden). They offer us a look into the structure of a system based on ancient traditions and regulations. With growth rates of up to 20%, does Islamic Finance really present a viable alternative to our established system of business and economics? With its promise of backing all banking transactions with real values, can Islamic Finance provide the security that Western banks and their increasingly speculative methods no longer guarantee?

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