HALF OF LIFE A film by Mechthild Gassner

Author and Director Mechthild Gassner

Director of Photography Thomas Bresinsky, Ralf Leistl, Roland Wagner

Sound Mixer David Heinemann

Editor Günter Hablik

Composer Peter Pichler

Color Timing Peider A. Defilla

Re-recording Mixer Ralph P. Bienzeisler

Production Assistant Joana Stümpfig

Production Manager Franz Hirner

Unit Production Manager Jutta Göller

Supervising Producer Björn Jensen

Co-Producer Christian Cloos (ZDF)

Producer Jörg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with ZDF

With the help of an employment coach, Amelie, Bella, Heike, Klaus and Uli attempt to find their way back into working life. Work makes up at least half of life, some say. But for Thomas Heinle, the employment coach, the goal is to help people alter their attitude towards life as a whole.

epd medien:

"Solid, clear, direct. This documentary manages to have more excitement and suspense than most cinematic films."

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