GOODBYE TIBET A film by Maria Blumencron
This is the story of a mountain pass at nearly 6,000 meters on the border between Tibet and Nepal. For thousands of Tibetan refugees it has been the gateway to freedom – for many others it has been a fatal gauntlet. It is the life story of Kelsang Jigme, a legend among guides who help refugees escape over the pass. It is the story of six children sent by their parents into exile across the highest mountain range in the world, and of their parents who had to stay back in Tibet. It is a story of imprisonment and torture – and the allegory of a love that knows no borders. Finally, it is the story of a family of kindred spirits formed over the years by all of the protagonists: the children, their mothers, the guides and the filmmaker herself. Ten years of destiny reflect the dreams, strength and hope of a nation that has never before been so threatened by its own demise. "Grand Prix Graz" at the 23rd Int. Mountain & Adventure Filmfestival Graz

Author and Director Maria Blumencron

Director of Photography Roland Wagner

Sound Ralf Richter

Editor Carmen Kirchweger

Composer Gert Wilden jr.

Production Manager Moritz Bundschuh

Line Producer Franz Hirner

Producer Jörg Bundschuh

A Kick Film production in coproduction with ZDF, arte

Financially supported by FFF Bayern, DFFF, MFG Baden-Württemberg


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