ESCAPE FROM TIBET A film by Maria Blumencron
On a mountaineering tour in the Himalaya, Johanna meets the eight-year-old Tempa in a Tibetan monastery, where she grants the request of an old abbot to bring the boy secretly to Lhasa. Upon arriving in the capital, Johanna realizes that Tempa and a group of other Tibetan children are to be brought without any equipment over a dangerous high-mountain pass to Nepal. When the Chinese police get wind of the plan, Johanna is suddenly suspected of collaborating with the charismatic leader of the trek, Tashi. Torn between her sense of responsibility to help Tempa and a justified fear for her own life, Johanna decides to go with the group. Action-drama "Escape from Tibet" tells the gripping story of the clash between Buddhist culture and the Chinese military, in a country where over 100 000 Tibetans have fled since the Dalai Lama went into exile in India in 1959. A hair-raising chase movie before a breathtaking landscape. Based on a true story. Audience Award Bolzano Cinema Festival
Johanna Hannah Herzsprung Tashi David Lee McInnis Tempa Sangay Jäger Major Wang Bao Lucas K. Peterson Dolma Yangzom Brauen Meto Pema Shitsetsang Jean-Francois Carlos Leal Florence Mona Petri and many more Director Maria Blumencron Script Maria Blumencron, Karl-Dietmar Möller-Naß Director of Photography Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein Original Sound Patrick Storck Montage Clara Fabry, Simon Blasi Music Peter Scherer Productiondesign Gerald Damovsky Sounddesign Jürg von Allmen Costumes Heike Fademrecht Make-up Martine Felber-Cordey, Heike Merker Assistant Director Andi Lang Location Manager Moritz Bundschuh Production Manager Sina Schlatter Line Producer Franz Hirner Commissioning Editors Hubert von Spreti (BR), Jochen Kölsch (BR/arte), Stefanie Gross (SWR), Peter Studhalter, Tamara Mattle, Esther Rutschmann (SRF) Co-Producer Markus Fischer Producer Jörg Bundschuh A german-swiss Co-Production of Kick Film and snakefilm in Co-Production with BR, arte, SWR, SRF Financially supported by FFF Bayern, DFFF, FFA, MBB, BBF, BAK, Succès Cinéma, ZFS

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